An award winning documentary film maker and former television director, I am now a story teller whose work as an artist plays with reality and fiction through self initiated projects.  My practice is multi-disciplinary and includes photography, video, and audio.

  • MA in photography from the London College of Communications  and winner of the Mack Bookwork award for Something Invisible to Others (2017). See details below
  • First class BA honours degree in photography from the University of Westminster (2015).
  • Winner of the Creative Connections Camden photography competition (2015).  Four of the images selected by the judges were shown at the National Portrait Gallery.
  • Work exhibited in London regularly and shown in Arles, Cagliari and Zurich.
  • Photographs  published in Chile, Germany, Italy, the UK and US.

Selected Projects

Something Invisible to Others ( book 2017)

‘A bold, witty, sophisticated and accomplished bookwork’.  Michael Mack, director of Mack Publishing.

‘A fascinating piece of work … and an impressive one.’  Dewi Lewis, Publisher.

In Something Invisible to Others, I wanted to create something fresh and unique by challenging the photobook as a work where the primary message is carried by photographs. The aim was to create a novelistic work where the images and text carry equal weight.  On the surface this investigation into the mysterious disappearance of a novice screenwriter is a playful parody of the English country house mystery, adopting the cliches of the genre. To add a third dimension the book is based on actual recorded interviews I did with people purporting to know the missing heroine.  Their testimonies explore how we react and interact with one another when given constructed identities.  The work ultimately examines the power of absence and the desire to find meaning in a world that murders reality in favour of illusion.

Fifty years ago the couples in this series of photos were bright young things listening to the 1965 hit singles, (I Can’t get no) Satisfaction and My Generation, hoping they’d die before they ‘got old’.  So how do they get satisfaction now?   To find out I asked couples from this generation to express their take on ‘satisfaction’ in their homes before a large format analogue camera.

Knocking on Strangers’ Doors
As the title implies I went knocking on strangers’ doors in my area to get to know my neighbours, which is not easy in inner city London.  To break the ice I asked them to pose for my camera with an object they loved outside their homes.  I was surprised at how many people were willing.  As a result I have made new friends in my neighbourhood.